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Meet the Team

So watch some of our films...

And if you enjoy our style, listen to some of our past clients and see if you feel comfortable inviting us into one of the most personal days of your life.

If so, we would love to learn more about you! Fill out our contact form HERE or contact us directly at

Chaska, Tala, and Eevee

We are Tyler and Dani, Northern Arizona filmmakers, doting dog parents and adventure lovers. Both of our careers started in healthcare, but in 2014 Tyler decided his love of film could be turned into a full-time gig. Several years of struggle and hard work has led us to today: living in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ and serving couples starting their life together in the iconic red rocks of Sedona, the ponderosa forest of Coconino County and beyond.

This is the Employee Well-Being department. Tala, Eevee and Chaska (l-r) ensure we take breaks for walks outside, playtime and comforting belly-scratches.   

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